The regalia raised an eyebrow, looking up at the god. “Like what?” He was interested to hear stories of his past, since he couldn’t find ways to bring it up in conversation much. Even if it was just of the sports he’s played.


This seemed like the most serious conversation they’ve had in awhile. No arguing over who got the last slice of pizza, no complaining about Yato’s sweat… yeah, he could get used to this; but he probably shouldn’t, considering he didn’t know how long it would last.

    In his lifetime serving under order’s, hes been asked to due several amount’s of jobs of many kinds. Recalling some past events, blue orb’s would look away from the regaila asking the question presented to him.

    "—Eh, People has asked odd jobs of me, assassination, out of revenge or mercy.." Although not proud of those things, he was given no choice. A combat god had no choice in the matter. Well, how hard could bowling be since he’s experienced all of that?

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& my heart has
wept  for  those
that i could not

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Noragami, Chapter 13


A young god named Yatogami, who dreamed of being worshiped by many people and adored wanted to be recognized. Shining, vibrant jewel’s encrust the crown atop his head displaying his signs of royality. His navy blue locks perectly in place, but no so perfect. A cape colored a crimson hue flowed behind him, the light shining down upon his silhouette proudly. His bright, azure eyes that displayed firm leadership and catastrophe also reflected hidden sadness.

Despite wanting others to view himself as a person they could relay on, the male wanted to rule with an iron fist, with a royal image, but not be feared, but loved instead. A dream for his followers to admire and look up to him, not to be viewed as a disaster. always, he’s been viewed as a god of war. People only to make wishes of death, him to assassinate their chosen person. Steel blade between callused digits, a firm grip he held, despite azure hues being so lifeless while killing. Countless lives and blood have been put upon his shoulders due to his fathers orders, only to carry more burdens as his days linger on. However, there is a precious person to him, who looks past the deity’s forsaken past. and accepts the man for who he is.

A girl, a human, someone he’d love to rule the throne with. Not knowing how to treat someone who is precious to him, the god fears of losing the girl ever so close to him. Deep, depp down. The god wishes she was his queen, king he vowed to be, to rule and spend his days with her.

For she is his precious person.

And would repeat the past to anyone to lay harm upon her.

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